Richard D. Buckley
In August of 2011, Buckley Radio lost its Leader of over 40 years. Rick Buckley was the guiding light that enabled Buckley Radio to thrive and grow in an ever-changing broadcasting environment. His vision and dream of a family run business that engaged its employees in a manner and style that was consistent with his personality, made the Buckley Radio group of stations a desirable place to be a part of. In a post-consolidated era, there are few remaining family run businesses and Buckley is committed to retaining the independence that Rick Buckley championed. His spirit is a part of the fabric of our entire company and will always remain so. We lost our leader, but his charm, smile, vision and persistence will endure. He was committed to the industry and at the time of his passing, was the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Broadcasters Foundation of America, a cause that he dogmatically supported because of its mission. A Broadcast Pioneer, former Chair of the RAB, Founder of the broadcast lab at the University of Miami that bears his name, Rick Buckley was truly representative of the era of Great and Legendary Broadcasters.

The Broadcasters Foundation of America exists solely to provide financial assistance to radio and television professionals in acute need. Grant recipients are hard-working, dedicated broadcasters, who had vibrant careers and productive lives until unforeseen tragedy struck. These broadcasters have fallen on hard times so extreme, that it has rendered them destitute, unable to pay for necessary medications, or even support themselves. Whether it’s a tragic accident that has led to paralysis, advanced age that requires life-sustaining medications, or an emergency grant following a disaster, the Foundation helps broadcasters rebuild their lives, their homes, and their hope.

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